ASG SmartBench Offers Solutions for Complex Assembly Lines

The ASG SmartBench is a fully customizable and adjustable industrial workbench. With a focus on threaded assembly, the ASG SmartBench offers solutions for complex assembly lines. For example, in February…

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Enhancing Medical Equipment Manufacturing: The ASG SmartBench and the X-PAQ Precision Fastening System

Introduction: In the dynamic field of medical equipment manufacturing, staying at the forefront requires not only innovative solutions but also dedicated customer support. Today, we share a success story featuring…

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​Screw Presenter or Auto Feed System?

Screw presenters and auto feeders both reduce the time it takes to prepare for a rundown in threaded assembly. Which option best suits your application? Read on to find out!…

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​Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Torque Arm

Have you thought about purchasing a torque arm for your facility? Adding torque arms to your assembly process provides numerous benefits in both efficiency and reducing operator fatigue/injuries. Therefore, in…

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Screw Presenters: How to Select a Screw Presenter

Screw presenters improve production efficiency. ASG offers a wide variety of screw presenters accommodating multiple screw sizes and types. Screw presenters are easy to set-up and use. ASG offers interchangeable…

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Succession Plan: AX-30 Turntable System

What is our succession plan? That is the question one of our customer’s asked when faced with the request to triple their output on a particular product! This customer, being…

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