In the dynamic field of medical equipment manufacturing, staying at the forefront requires not only innovative solutions but also dedicated customer support. Today, we share a success story featuring a leading company in the industry. This company, with a global presence and multiple plants in the US, leveraged the power of the ASG SmartBench and the X-PAQ Precision Fastening System to transform their manufacturing processes. In this post, we explore the journey that led to a mutually beneficial solution.

The Initial Connection:

During a sales visit, our representative Andy Tressler met with an engineer from the customer at their Atlanta area, GA R&D facility. The engineer recognized the potential of the X-PAQ for their Western PA build/manufacturing facility, leading to the exchange of contact information with our representative Jeff Bryndal. The stage was set for collaboration and innovation.

On-Site Demonstrations:

To showcase the uses and versatility of the ASG SmartBench and the X-PAQ, our team went above and beyond. Precision Fastening Sales Specialist, Rick Wagner, rented an enclosed trailer, loaded up the ASG SmartBench, and traveled 2.5 hours to the customer’s facility. The demonstration allowed the customer to witness the benefits of the ASG SmartBench firsthand, empowering them to make informed decisions.

The Perfect Timing:

As fate would have it, the ASG SmartBench product line was launched just as the customer had a pressing need. They were developing a new product and required equipment for their multi-stage assembly line at the Western PA facility. Recognizing the opportunity, Chris Emanuele, Automation Technical Sales Engineer, joined Bryndal and Wagner on their final trip to the facility, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the ASG SmartBench.

Building a Solid Relationship:

This collaboration thrived because our team dedicated time to multiple on-site visits and product demonstrations. It resembled a mini-tradeshow, enabling the customer’s assembly technicians and personnel to explore the possibilities firsthand. The presence of a similar product offering further facilitated insightful discussions, leading to a mutually beneficial solution.

Sealing the Deal:

With a focus on delivering value, the medical equipment company decided to outfit their ASG SmartBenches with X-PAQ systems. These systems, equipped with network modules, a bit selector tray, and ESD-safe tool balancers, will drive efficiency and productivity in their manufacturing processes.

Your success is our success:

The success story of our collaboration with this medical equipment company highlights the transformative power of the ASG SmartBench and the X-PAQ together. By investing time in on-site visits, demonstrations, and fostering a strong customer relationship, we achieved a mutually beneficial solution. This success story showcases the potential of innovative solutions and customer-centric approaches in medical equipment manufacturing and we would love to talk about how we can do the same for you: email [email protected] to get started!