Have you thought about purchasing a torque arm for your facility?

Adding torque arms to your assembly process provides numerous benefits in both efficiency and reducing operator fatigue/injuries. Therefore, in many cases the decision to purchase a torque arm is very easy.

Discovering the details which lead you down the path of selecting the correct torque arm is the topic we’d like to address today. ASG put together a guideline of questions to ask yourself when in the market for a shiny, new torque arm.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be on the fast track to buying your dream torque arm, and outfitting it with all of the accessories necessary to get the most out of your purchase.

1. What type of tool are you using?

  • Is your tool In-line? Right angle? Pistol grip?
  • Is your tool a stall tool, clutch tool, transducerized tool, or even a pulse tool?

2. What configuration will the tool be in? Horizontal / vertical?

  • This is important to the model you’ll need – how will this tool be set up during production?
  • Are all fasteners being run in the same plane- horizontally, vertically?

3. What is the diameter of the tool?

  • ASG offers several different kinds of adjustable tool holders based on the diameter of the tool’s grip. It is important to know the diameter of the tool to ensure the torque arm is fitted properly. Multi position holders and swivel holders are also available based on your desired application.

4. How heavy is the tool?

  • Knowing the weight of the tool will help choose a torque arm that eases operator usage. The arm will be able to balance the tool to ensure proper application and lessen risk of operator

5. What is the torque range of the application?

  • For a pulse tool, the weight of the tool is more important than the torque.

6. How much reach is needed to capture all the fasteners?

  • Will assembly be happening close by or a distance away?

7. Will a positioning system be necessary?

  • Applying encoders to a torque arm system ensures that all the fasteners are run, and that they are run in the
    correct sequence.

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for in a torque arm an informed purchase decision is just steps away! Please feel free to visit our selection of premium torque arms to see our
options at your disposal.

We’re happy to help!

If you have any additional questions, have an application which requires a custom torque arm, or need help selecting the correct torque arm, please contact us at [email protected].