Peripheral Automation Equipment

Extend the functionality of an automated or semi-automated assembly cell with additional equipment.

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  • Rotary Actuators

    Our rotary actuators come fully loaded!

  • Slide Assemblies

    Combine with other components to perform in X, Y or Z axis.

    • Strokes 15mm to 3000mm
    • Load capacities of up to 66 lbs
    • Unique rod design
    • Compact package
    • Space saving

  • Vacuum Generators

    Most efficient generators in the industry that create more lift for less air.

  • Air Grippers

    Grippers for automated and semi-automated assembly cells. ASG carries a large selection of air grippers including scissor and parallel styles with either rack and pinion or linkage.

    • Single gripper lift capacities up to 9.0 lbs
    • Repetitive accuracy of 0.2 mm (0.008 in)

  • Conveyors
    • Widths 20mm to 500mm
    • Lengths 500mm to 2000mm
    • Capacities to 100 lbs
    • Wide selection of conveyors, standard and custom available
    • Easily modified
    • Belt widths 0.75 in to 20 in
    • Pulley diameter as small as 1 ⅛ in
    • Lengths from 8 in to 14 ft
    • Conveyor comes with motor and drive
      • AC or DC
      • Fixed or variable speed
    • Mini roller edge

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