Screw presenters improve production efficiency. ASG offers a wide variety of screw presenters accommodating multiple screw sizes and types. Screw presenters are easy to set-up and use. ASG offers interchangeable rail presenters making it easy to use one unit with multiple rails for different screw sizes. The ability to change rails makes it a cost effective option on your assembly process. Learn how to select a screw presenter that meets the requirements for your application by following these steps:


1. Determine the length of the screw under the screw head.

NOTE: ASG screw presenters cover a maximum length of 25mm. If the screw is longer than 25mm, contact the ASG service department for additional help.

2. Determine the screw diameter by measuring the diameter of the threads.

3. Determine if the screw is ferrous or non-ferrous.

NOTE: The OM Series screw presenters can only be used with ferrous screws. Other screw presenters can be used with both ferrous and non-ferrous screws.

4. Determine if the application is manual or robotic.

Manual models include: OM-M, NSB, NSBI, NJ, and NJL series
Robotic models include: OM-R, NSR, NSRI, and NJR series

ASG offers additional presenter options for fasteners that do not fit within the specifications of the screw presenter series listed above. Please contact ASG for additional information if needed.

5. Determine the length of the screw under the screw head.
Visit or look in the ASG Production Aids Catalog to determine the correct screw presenter for the application.

We’re happy to help!
If you have any additional questions, have an application with screw sizes outside the ranges we offer, or need help selecting the correct presenter, please contact us at [email protected]