AX-20, AX-30 and AX-40

Steel frame assembly cell made to accommodate larger assemblies or for the nesting of several small assemblies. Available with a fixed table, turntable or conveyor belt.

Steel Frame

Robotic Options:

  • 6-axis
  • Cobot

Screw driving and feeding options:

  • ASG X-PAQ system
  • Pneumatic driver
  • Auto screw feeder (MCA)
  • Screw presenter with vacuum pickup

Safety Light Curtain

Other Options:

  • Turntable
  • Conveyor
  • Light tower
  • HMI
  • Bar coding
  • Modular workpiece fixturing
  • Additional lighting
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  • Applications
    • Electronics
    • Medical equipment
    • PCB assembly
    • White goods
    • Automotive accessories and interior components
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  • Service Information
    ASG can service and support all automation cells integrated and manufactured by ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. Learn more about our service and support.
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