ASG SmartBench

Fully customizable industrial workbench designed to help you work smarter

Incredibly wide variety based around ASG Automation’s standard product group:

  • Auto feed screw driving systems
  • Screw presenters
  • Hand tools

Which can be integrated with:

  • ASG torque arms
  • Tool balancers
  • ASG X-PAQ system
  • Nav-P systems
  • And more!

Fully customizable with any number of operations, such as:

  • Augmented reality (AR) interactive assembly guides
  • Pick-to-light systems
  • Bar coding
  • Modular fixturing to accommodate multiple products or lines

Other options include:

  • Frame types: aluminum extrusion or heavy-duty steel weldment
  • Adjustable work height: manual or electric
  • Work surfaces: anodized aluminum, laminate, composite, ESD safe material

Additional productivity enhancers:

  • Lighting
  • Multi-outlet strips
  • Tool holders
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  • Applications
    • Electronics
    • Medical equipment
    • PCB assembly
    • White goods
    • Automotive
    • Accessories/Interior components
  • Product Accessories

    Screw Presenter

    Increase speed and production with an ASG Screw Presenter. ASG offers both interchangeable rail screw presenters and adjustable rail screw presenters for manual or robotic applications. The available screw presenters are suitable for #000 to #10 size screws across the product line. Each interchangeable rail presenter is supplied with the appropriate rail assembly for its rated screw size, but additional rails can be purchased to accommodate various screw sizes. Learn More




    Screw Feeder

    Increase production and decrease cycle time and labor costs through speed, reliability, ease of use and maintenance. The system is very swift, delivering a screw to the jaw set in less than half a second. Because of the simple design, the system is also reliable and consistent, providing a virtually jam-free operation. Learn More





  • Related Products

    X-PAQ SD2500

    The X-PAQ is ASG’s premium torque and angle controlled brushless DC electric screwdriver system. This tool system is perfect for industries requiring tight tolerances and heightened levels of traceability. Learn More



    Torque Arms

    ASG offers a standard line of torque arm and tool support stands include articulating and linear torque arms, adjustable and non-adjustable tool support stands, as well as swing and fixed boom arms. ASG also offers a premium line of torque arms available on ASG Express include the TTA telescoping, TTAV vertical telescoping, FTA folding torque arms, LTAE Linear Torque Arms, and TT series torque tubes. Encoder torque arms are available by contacting ASG directly. Tool support stands and torque arms offer ergonomic benefits to the operator. Learn More

    Articulating Torque Arm - Pneumatically Assisted


    Tool Balancers

    ASG carries tool positioners and balancers, including both tapered drum and spring balancers. Tool balancers and positioners are designed to offer ergonomic benefits to the operator as the tool becomes weightless when in use. Learn More


  • Service Information
    ASG can service and support all automation cells integrated and manufactured by ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. Learn more about our service and support.
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