Screw presenters and auto feeders both reduce the time it takes to prepare for a rundown in threaded assembly. Which option best suits your application? Read on to find out!

Fitting a Screw Presenter into Your Assembly Process

With manual and robotic pickup options, you can be well on your way to cutting production time in half by utilizing a screw presenter to deliver your screws to a fixed point, all without wasting valuable space on your workbench.

To get the most out of your screw presenter consider where you’ll place it within your workflow – whether it is placed in a line, cell, or a combination.

This is an important decision which is not to be rushed, as the spot where the open bin or shaker tray was prior to acquiring your screw presenter may not be the best option. This is a great opportunity to improve the ergonomics of the process and avoid repetitive motion injuries!

In the Market for Something More Advanced?

ASG has both automatic screw feeders and nut feeder systems which you can learn about here. The screw feeder system features a vibratory bowl feeder which is designed to increase production while decreasing cycle time and labor costs.

ASG offers two types of auto feed systems – manual and integrated.

You can see some of the features and benefits of an auto feed system in the graphic below:

Could this be a fit for your application?









We created the graphic to outline the criteria for feeder systems. As noted, the length of the screw is recommended to be 1.5x of the head diameter, but for dimensions outside of these parameters please contact us.

The ASG auto feed system is a wonderful option chalk full of options including vacuum pickup to further reduce the steps you’d have to take with
a screw presenter. ASG can answer any questions you may have regarding the system.

From the ASG Video Vault:

ASG screw presenters in action:

Double bowl auto feed system:

Fiam nut presenter:

If you have any additional questions, have an application with screw sizes outside the ranges we offer, or need help selecting the correct presenter or auto feed system, please contact ASG Customer Service at 888-486-6163 or [email protected].