Accessories for Automated Drivers

Extend the functionality and usability of your screwdriver or nutrunner in an automation system with additional accessories.

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  • Power Supplies for Electric Automation Screwdrivers

    BLF Compatible Power Supplies

    • 2WS and reversing capabilities as standard
    • Can be connected to external controls, such as a PLC, to control the direction and speed of the driver


    CL-A and CLF Compatible Power Supplies

    Additional options available, however, cannot be added after purchase:

    • 2WV: Low rotation, can be externally controlled
    • REV: Reverse rotation, can be externally controlled
    • 2WV + REV

    CLT-AY-61: Compatible with CLF-3000, CLF-4000, CLF-6000, CLF-6500, CLF-7000

    CLT-AY-81: Compatible with CL-816A, CL-825A, CL-850A

  • Torque Testers for Automation

    HIOS HM Digital Torque Testers
    Comes with certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T. and enables easy calibration of screwdriver without removing from machine.

    • Data output and analog output
    • Data output for SPC
    • Reads torque clockwise or counterclockwise
    • Test screwdrivers used in auto feeders, robots or built into assembly machines
    • Separate transducer

    2 modes of operation:

    • Track and peak

    220V available

    Torque accuracy: +/- 0.5%


  • Vacuum Attachments

    Uses negative pressure to reduce the need to pick-up screws. The suction attachment can pick up non-ferrous screws such as stainless steel screws. Vacuum attachments can improve efficiency and be used to remove powder dust generated from screw tightening.

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  • Fastening Slides

    Fastening slides are important components equipped with an air nutrunner motor, screw head, bit and bit holder; suitable for use in semi-automatic or automatic industrial tightening solutions.

    These linear actuators are designed entirely by Fiam and are manufactured with the highest quality materials. This guarantees high reliability and resistance over time.

    Available in 3 different options:

    • Single-stroke fastening slide
    • Dual-stroke fastening slide: the first stroke brings the screw holding jaws close to the work piece, the second is used to run the screw
    • With anti-overturning device: used to handle screws having a ratio total length/head diameter close to 1. This device allows the “movement of the head” avoiding incorrect screw positions during tightening and prevents screws from getting stuck with consequent production stop

  • Automation Flange Brackets

    We recommend using the 3-hole flange bracket to install a nutrunner motor for screwdriving applications on a fixed mounting. This avoids the possibility of any operating problems since it acts on the entire circumference of the motor casting.


  • Screw Heads

    This component is required to receive the screw coming through the feeding tube from the bowl feeder. The design of the screw head ensures that the screw remains properly aligned ready to engage the bit and work piece.

    Screw heads are extremely reliable as they are built with highest quality materials through precise and accurate machining. Together with the treatments, this guarantees high resistance to breaking and wearing.

    Available in various models suitable for multiple screw types, these heads are further tailored and machined by Fiam based on the design of the customer’s screw.

  • Axial Compensators

    Ease entry of screw and reduce axial thrust on the motor’s mechanical components. When fastening more screws simultaneously, the axial compensation device in the bit compensates for the differences in height between the screws before starting the tightening process.


  • Service Information
    ASG can service and support all automation cells integrated and manufactured by ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. Learn more about our service and support.
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