Pneumatic Screwdrivers and Nutrunners for Automation

Air screwdrivers and nutrunners that have been accurately designed to be used in the industrial automation field. All components are designed to ensure a long life and reliability, which results in high productivity, and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

The main features of the pneumatic drivers for automation are:

  • Robust thrust bearings to stand up to the fast and continuous thrusts of the fastening slides which often happens in the automatic production cycles
  • Ideal external geometries for fixtures application
  • Exhaust can easily be piped away in order to reduce noise level and use oil separator filters
  • Ported signal to interface with line PLC or Fiam TOM error-proofing system

Made in Italy: designed and manufactured by Fiam. They guarantee reliable operation in every working condition

High resistance: manufactured with high quality materials

High performance: the reduction gear system guarantees maximum output, long lifetime of the kinematic chain and reduced noise level

Maximum reliability: no accuracy loss in vertical or horizontal axis


  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • Axial compensator: an accessory to eliminate any difference of screw height on the component. Facilitates entry of screw and reduces axial thrust on the motor’s mechanical components, protecting the internal components and guaranteeing their longevity

Two types of starting systems:

  • Push to start
  • Direct start from a remote control signal
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