With increasing demands and a burgeoning automation sector, the need to operate and manufacture quickly and efficiently has never been greater. We believe in automation but recognize not everyone may be able to fully embrace it yet. We offer solutions that range from fully automated robotic cells to manual torque tools and are equipped to help you make your production facility as efficient as possible. With a focus on error-proofing, manual assembly lines can improve their productivity. Error-proofing your production line does not need to be complicated or even costly. The new BLG7000-BC2-GT from HIOS reduces error and rework costs at an affordable price point for assembly applications that require 2.0-5.0 Nm of torque. This model is an expansion of the BLG-BC2 line from HIOS that previously could only satisfy lower torque ranges.

The new BLG-7000BC2-GT from HIOS is now available on ASG Express. This tool is available with either a handle or a stand. It is an electric screwdriver with an ergonomic design and smart features built in. Shop now: https://asg-jergens.com/product/blg-7000xbc2-gt-s-electr-driver-1-4-hex/

With this smart electric screwdriver, you get:

  • Brushless motor: environmentally friendly with no emission of carbon particles, improving durability and stability. Additionally, it lowers maintenance costs and downtime since there are no brushes to replace.
  • IoT System: data can be collected and centrally managed in the cloud
  • Effective control: settings of the screwdriver can be changed via PC or PLC
  • Direct teaching: when fastening several screws directly into a workpiece, it will automatically learn the number of rotation pulses from fastening start to seating
  • Screw counter: you can set the number of screws from 1 to 99. The remaining number of screws is counted down

Combine all those features with an easy-to-grip ergonomic design, and you have a smart and capable tool.

To learn more about this tool or see it in action, check out this video from HIOS: