ASG will be exhibiting at the Assembly Show in Chicago, Illinois at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. This is the perfect opportunity to meet the ASG team and demo our top of the line products! ASG is a charter exhibitor at the Assembly Show and will be exhibiting in Booth #413.

Must See Products:

  • Gedore Product Line: Earlier this summer, ASG announced the strategic partnership with Gedore Tools Inc., formerly Torqueleader. Gedore’s high quality tools, including torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, and torque multipliers, offer the broadest torque range in the industry.
  • Taking assembly to the next level, ASG will be showcasing the renowned X-PAQ and Auto Feed System with a Universal Robot UR-10 cobot, demonstrating a dynamic work cell where humans and robots working side by side.
  • The ASG AX-20 fixed table system will also be onsite, showcasing the X-PAQ and Auto Feed with TM Robotics SCARA 650A.
  • New from ASG: An intelligent screwdriver for ultra small screws. It can precisely tighten screws down to 1.5 inch ounces, and is ideal for robot automation tightening processes.
  • Efficient, accurate, and versatile are just some of the features in the new Fiam e-tensil electric screwdriver. This ergonomic tool is sure to increase production performance.
  • The ASG premium torque arms, HIOS electric screwdrivers, and other Fiam industrial products, will also be on display in ASG’s hands on exhibition.

Get inspired to improve your assembly process in booth 413 at the Assembly Show.