Pulse-fastening is one of the latest great technological advances for the automated assembly. The major previous problem that arose from direct drive systems was the ergonomic discomfort from torque reaction when the tool reaches torque. Before pulse-fastening, one solution was torque absorption arms that allowed the operator to compensate for the reaction in a more ergonomically friendly way. However, this solution to the problem isn’t as elegant, or beneficial as pulse technology.

Besides the basic ergonomic benefits, there are other great benefits to specifically our EH2 Pulse products. When combined with an automatic shutoff function, pulse technology results in lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, and higher assembly rates. Rather than wasting time and energy continuing to supply power and torque to a fastener that has reached its target, our EH2 pulse-fastening technology products detect torque accurately to within 3%, and shuts off. When combined with the ergonomic benefits intrinsic to pulse technology, and the option for pistol, angle, or straight-gripped tool for both horizontal and vertical applications, it’s easy to see why pulse technology has become the preferred tool in the assembly industry.

At ASG, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest in assembly technology – there are advances and improvements being made constantly in the field. With angle and torque-measurement capabilities, and the accuracy improvements over the initial generations of pulse-fastening technology, we think that pulse-fastening is the way to go for all but a few highly specialized applications – even the price point can be compensated for by the gains in production rate and energy savings.