To support President Trump’s invoking of the Defense Production Act to increase COVID-19 related medical equipment production, effective Thursday, March 19, 2020 ASG will be implementing an order priority initiative for all medical device manufacturers.

  • In an effort to prioritize support for customers in the medical device and healthcare product fields, effective immediately ASG Division of Jergens Inc. will expedite orders to those qualifying customers to the best of our ability.
  • ASG is committed to shipping these orders same-day if product can be made available. If product isn’t immediately available we will be dedicating all available resources to producing the required items as soon as possible for shipment which should reduce lead times to the order of days.
  • ASG asks that our customers, distribution partners and sales team contact ASG Customer Service with any qualifying order information and Point of Sale information to properly qualify those orders already in queue for expediting, and to identify future orders in the same manner. ASG can be contacted at 888-486-6163 or via email [email protected]
  • Free next day air delivery on qualifying orders
  • Waiver of all expedite fees normally associated with expedited orders

Bryon Shafer, ASG General Manager, states “At ASG Jergens we are following State (Ohio) and Federal recommendations for how we operate daily. We are currently running at 100% full capacity from a manufacturing and shipping/receiving perspective and do not expect that to change, unless governmental mandates require us to do so.”

ASG asks the patience of all other customers whose orders might be slightly impacted by this as we all try to be good Global Citizens and prioritize healthcare needs.