With the variety of tools sold by ASG, we understand how important it is to have a fully developed maintenance center at the ready.

Whether the need is repair, preventative maintenance, tool reconditioning or calibration and certification for torque products, ASG is committed to providing service which meets the highest quality standard for assembly line tools. With expedited technical support and troubleshooting assistance, our technicians are available to answer technical questions on tools sold by ASG including FIAM, GEDORE and HIOS.

Our service and repair center is specifically designed to help customers optimize tool performance and reduce unexpected downtime. Our customer service team is available Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST to assist customers with any difficulties they may be encountering with a torque tool. The ASG team can be reached via phone (888-486-6163) or email ([email protected]).

Our quick repairment rate is one reason why our maintenance center has been at the top of its class for years. Striving to keep the repairment process quick, affordable and convenient is what we focus on and guarantee to all of our customers.

ASG provides both warranty and non-warranty repair service. Our non-warranty repairs are covered by a repair warranty on parts and labor for a period of 90 days from completion.

We also recommend to all of our customers that torque assembly products be calibrated on a regular basis to maintain quality operation and avoid unnecessary disruptions to your business.

With this ongoing level of service, we aim to help our customers get the very most out of their tool investments while maintaining the level of efficiency they count on from ASG products.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact ASG Customer Service at 888-486-6163 or [email protected].