To run smoothly, it is necessary for any assembly facility to pay regular attention to the calibration of all torque tools. Within aerospace assembly, there are many important factors that affect the outcomes of any assembled product, and important one: torque tool calibration.

Generally, calibration does two main things: ensures the proper tolerances are being met by each individual tool, and ensures consistent alignment to specific standards across all manufacturers. Not only will a properly calibrated tool perform its task to the precision specified, but any tool that conforms to the same calibration standards will perform the same, within the tolerances of the standard.

Many different types of machines can be calibrated. Our focus here at ASG is manual torque wrenches and power tools used in the assembly of threaded fasteners. Torque can be a critical variable in assembly for safety and general quality considerations. For instance, if a fastener is too loose, safety or product integrity can become a concern. On the other hand, if a fastener is too tight, you risk damaging or deforming the product. A torque meter can calibrate these torque-critical tools. The torque tester itself also requires regular calibration using traceable weights and radius wheels, conforming to set standards.

At ASG, ensuring ease and quality of assembly is a chief concern, which is why we calibrate torque tools, torque meters, and more by measures traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We also have live technicians standing by during business hours to help you with your questions. For quality calibration and calibrations equipment, look no further than ASG.