ASG AX-20 Fixed Table System

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc, a Robotic Industry Association certified robotic integrator, is co-exhibiting with TM Robotics at the biennial Automate Show in April 2019. Automate is organized by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and is one of the most expansive trade fairs and learning event in the automation industry in North America.

ASG will be showcasing the AX-20 fixed table system for automated solutions. This system features the ASG X-PAQTM system with Ethernet IP module, a TM Robotics SCARA 650 robot, 2 HMIs, and a newly developed process verification system. The AX-20 system not only automates assembly but also increases productivity, quality, and safety, while reducing costs. Learn more about the AX-20 here.

When creativity is crucial, ASG delivers by introducing “Dynamic Driving”. The dynamic driving demonstration simulates driving in a screw on a conveyor with the conveyor in motion! This NexGen arrangement, Complete with TM Robotics Cartesian platform and ASG X-PAQ, screw presenter and vision system, pushes precision fastening to new heights.

ASG will also be exhibiting the ASG CCS ultra low fastening torque tool. This screwdriver is small and lightweight with a torque range of 10.0 to 180 mN.m (1.42-25.56 inoz.) across the series. Data collection offers traceability, while the graphing capabilities provide a visual for assisting in rundown strategy set up. With its unique low torque range, this tool is ideal for electronics, small medical device assembly, and various other applications. The CCS screwdriver will be integrated on a Toshiba Machine TH-180 SCARA robot.

ASG Technical Service Manager Doug Wright and Automation Sales Manager John Iskra will be in attendance. Visit them in booth 6763 and see how ASG and TM Robotics and their unique solutions to automated assembly processes can your help your automation journey from design to production.

ASG and TM Robotics formed a partnership in early 2017. The partnership was designed to present unique solutions to customers applications and to offer customized assembly solutions; from designing to integrating fully automated assembly systems.

Click here to watch what ASG will be demoing at Automate 2019!

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