As an assembly process evolves, and the number of goods produced skyrockets, the need for an efficient labelling process becomes increasingly necessary. With so many labels to apply finding the most efficient and cost-effective option for your process is key.

This potential bottleneck will naturally lead the way towards the most important question at hand.

Do we need a label applicator, or a label dispenser, and what is the difference?

Label Applicators

A label applicator can be as small as a price gun or as large as an automated station on an assembly line. These units offer touchless removing of the backing and application of the label. Within an assembly environment these can take up valuable real estate on the manufacturing floor along with the high price tag barrier.

Label Dispensers

Label dispensers, on the other hand, offer a much more economical option and there are multiple options available. Most of the options will be of the mechanical and/or hand-held variety dating back to the first label dispensers of the 1920s. While these options improve productivity by providing the user with a process which doesn’t require peeling each label, there is an even better option which we’d like to focus on: Automatic label dispensers.

ASG’s Automatic Label Dispenser Solution

Auto label dispensers combine ease of use with dispensing. While the labels need to be manually applied to the surface, these dispensers remove the backing, and once a label is taken for application the dispenser serves up the next label automatically.

Here are a few of the features and benefits of an ASG LDX-130 label dispenser:

  • Compact and versatile label dispenser fits any workbench or assembly station
  • Increases productivity by automatically dispensing labels while removing and discarding backing material
  • High performance, durability and affordable quality
  • Designed for industrial and commercial use
  • 10 Feeding speed settings
  • LED Counter tracks the number of labels dispensed

View the LDX-130 Here:


Here at ASG we also carry several different types of tape dispensers. Like the label dispenser, they provide the user with a way to streamline the taping process.

View ASG Tape Dispenser Options:

If you have any questions about a dispenser purchase, or need further assistance, please contact ASG Customer Service at 888-486-6163 or [email protected].