• SKU: E8C3A-1200
  • Model Number: E8C3A-1200
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Operation: Lever, Push-to-Start, Lever + Push-to-Start, Latched Lever + Push-to-Start
  • Body Style: Inline
  • Series: eTensil
  • Clutch Type: Auto Shut Off
  • Torque Range - Imperial: 5.3 - 26.6
  • Torque Range - Metric: 0.6 - 3.0 N.m
  • Drive Type: 1/4 Female Hex
  • Speed: 1180 (HI) - 980 (LOW) RPM
  • Length - Imperial: 10.8 in.
  • Length - Metric: 275 mm
  • Diameter - Imperial: 1.5 in.
  • Diameter - Metric: 39 mm
  • Weight - Imperial: 1.7 lb.
  • Weight - Metric: 0.78 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years or 1 Million Cycles
  • Other Features: ESD Safe
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Note: Calibration comes with 12 month certificate

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Product information:

  • High repeatability even when faced with a variable joint rates
  • 3 LEDs ensure precise and efficient signaling
    • BLUE LED: Signals that the screwdriver is in reverse mode
    • WHITE LED: Shows tool is ready for use
    • 3rd LED: Lights up work area, indicates anomalous functioning in conjunction with blue LED, and when flashing continuously, alerts the operator that program maintenance is required.
  • Innovative on board electronics – Operator can easily configure various settings directly on the tool
  • Safe mechanical clutch control – protective device controls access to the mechanical device keeping torque repeatability consistent and tightening precise and safe
  • Brushless motor – low wear components. Hall sensors allow operator to have full control of rotation and the motor is durable but light weight
  • Reduction assembly- gear assembly engineered for durability, efficiency, and low noise
  • Modular structure- the elegance of the tool’s structure provides seamless integration between the electronic components and mechanics
  • 3m length resilient, flame resistant, and halogen free cable.
  • The cables are extremely flexible and have robust connectors suitable for extreme conditions of an industrial environment.
  • Reversible- The reverse button is encased in the tool body to protect it from wear, damage, and accidental activation
  • Start up ergonomics- The start lever is a smart device designed to provide optimal ergonomics. It is also contactless, and requires no maintenance.
  • “Smart Pro” programming
    • In addition to the four start methods: lever, push-to-start, lever and push-to-start, and latched lever and push-to-start, there are 3 other possible functions that can be activated by holding the reverse button for 4 seconds. These “Smart Pro” functions are: Switching on/off the automatic start up lock, Switching the front illumination LED on/off, and Switching the untighten function on/off.
  • Innovative and ergonomic grip- The grip is designed to be perfectly ergonomic to reduce user fatigue and maximize productivity. The low weight and small size add to the ease of handling.
  • Reduced-effort start up- The pressure required to activate the start up lever is much lower than others available on the market.
  • Modular ergonomics – equipped with suitable brackets to fix to a Fiam torque reaction arm
  • Quiet and comfort – motor, gears, and clutch designed to be noiseless, and the grip provides thermal isolation. Operating at low voltage (32 volts) means maximum safety
  • Equipped with a quick change chuck
  • Suspension device eliminates need for the operator to support the tool
  • Low Environmental Impact- Made of recyclable materials- Brushless motor prevents carbon and blade dust emissions from entering the working environment. Made of all recyclable materials.
  • ESD safe- the casing of every tool has been made using the latest technology in ESD dissipative plastic, avoiding the build up of electrostatic charge.
  • “Dust Proof” Construction- The casing around the body of each tool is designed and built to reduce dust and other substances that can damage the inside of the tool
  • Two models- The basic version allows the user to monitor key working procedures, while the advanced version allows activation and remote start functionality through 5 inputs and 5 outputs.
  • Two rotation speeds- A membrane switch allows the user to set two rotation speeds. LOW is a reduction of the driver’s maximum speed by approximately 20%.
  • Works with the Fiam TOM poka-yoke error-proofing system